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Laser Vein Reduction

Laser Vein Reduction in LynbrookTreat your spider veins with the latest technology in spider vein removal. Treatments are done on face and legs to help diminish and eradicate these unnecessary vessels.

Laser vein treatments effectively treat facial veins and unwanted leg veins that are superficial residing in the epidermal area of the skin. Lasers work very well in eliminating spider veins and telangectasias by selective photocoagulating of the unwanted vein by targeting hemoglobin (oxy and de-oxy). The laser light energy is selectively absorbed by hemoglobin but the real target is the blood vessel wall which is achieved by thermal transfer. Selectivity ensures that the thermal effect is limited to the vessel and the surrounding tissue structures are spared.

Laser vein removal works in 1-3 sessions, and treatments are approximately 6-12 weeks apart depending upon the area and extent of the treatment. Laser Vein treatments have advantages over traditional sclerotherapy as it allows for better coverage of areas, not limited to certain body areas, and is painless to the patient for spider veins, telanectasias, and blue reticular veins. Treatments are done in 15 minute or 30 minute sessions which is ample time to cover the effected areas.

Reasons for the development of unwanted facial and leg veins range from genetics, lifestyle, sun damage, workplace factors, and hormonal changes (ie pregnancies). Laser vein treatments eliminate the veins that are present at this time, new unwanted spider veins and telangectasias can continue to appear after the treatments so maintenance is sometimes necessary for total clearance.

Give yourself the gift of being able to show off your legs without the unwanted look of spider veins. Clearance rates vary from 80% to 100% and is very affordable. Avoid the pain and discomfort of traditional sclerotherapy of leg veins and enjoy wearing shorts and dresses again without the uncomfortable sight of unwanted veins. Smaller facial veins are easily eliminated in 1-2 treatments and everyone will notice a difference and no longer will you need makeup to cover up these blemishes.

Upper and Lower Legs $395 per treatment Series of three $1000 (3 Months apart)
Face and Nose $125 per treatment series of three $350 (1 Month apart)

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